Why is a Full Gas Tank Important in the Winter?

The benefits of driving with a full tank of gas in your car far outweigh any reasons you might have for going too long between gas station visits. These are just a couple of the biggest benefits of driving the car with a tank full of gas.

The trouble with driving on icy roads is that you can break down any moment. Sliding on an icy patch into a tree, off into a snow bank, or in a ditch, could leave you stranded for a while as help is on the way. An empty gas tank means you could be…

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What’s the Difference between Four-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive?

We have all heard of four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive before. But what is really the difference? How do we know what is right for our next car?

  • All wheel drive technology was made for wet or snowy roads. As all 4 wheels are in use all the time, it can produce a more secure feeling even on dry pavement.
  • Four-wheel drive technology has been around just as long and seems to be more well known.
  • While both are different the basic concept is the same. If you have four wheels why not put them to work for better traction…
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Wall’s Ford Can Help You Understand Horsepower

James Watt, an inventor and a man who designed steam engines, is credited as the first person to use the term horsepower. He did so to help sell his products to farmers and others during the 18th century. He knew that if he was to be successful, he would need to relate his engines to the most used form of power during that time.

Watt spent time at a local coal mine watching ponies pulling coal-filled carts and calculated that a single pony could effectively pull 33 pounds of weight per minute. This measurement continues to be used today to…

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SUV: Upgrade your Road Game

We need to feel different and stand out in the crowd and what a better way than to buy an SUV. The medium and trending classy SUV segments are making a mark in the market since they can quickly adapt to any road. Here are two reasons you opt to buy an SUV from from our dealership.

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The 2018 Ford Explorer is Beautiful

If you are shopping for a vehicle that you will be proud to drive because of the way that it looks, you may find the 2018 Ford Explorer to be right for you. As you look into vehicles in Salisbury, do not overlook this vehicle.

The 2018 Ford Explorer has an attractive appearance with a design that is unique from other SUVs out there. This vehicle is designed in a way that gives it a classy appearance. The 2018 Ford Explorer offers you new paint color options so that you can end up with a vehicle that feels as if…
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When & Why to Change Your Oil

Changing oil is important for car maintenance. When you don't change the oil often enough, then the car can seize as you drive it. That type of repair is impossible to fix. It requires the purchase of a new engine. That is why it is so important to change the oil. Here are some tips on how to handle the car oil changes.

- Ideally, you should change the oil in your car every 5,000 miles.
- Most dealerships have a maintenance schedule they will follow.
- You can call the manufacturer if you are unsure.

When you buy a…
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When Buying Or Leasing A Car

When you are looking for a car, you will need to consider whether to buy or lease a car. You should be sure that you understand which one you need to do.

When you buy a car, you will typically have a higher monthly payment, and usually need to make a down payment. After you pay it off, you own the car. You should also note that when you need a new one, you will need to purchase or lease it.

If you lease a car, monthly payments are typically lower, and a down payment is often not necessary. You…
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Navigate life more easily with the Ford Escape

At Wall's Ford we're firm believers that the vehicle you drive should only make your time on the road more enjoyable, more productive and more convenient. That's why we're always finding ways to incorporate the 2017 Ford Escape into any conversation.


You have a lot on your hands. We have just the trick to make you feel unstoppable. #FordEscape

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This well-engineered crossover features a hands-free, foot-activated liftgate with plenty of storage for all your groceries and cargo. As you cruise…

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