Save Some Money By Saving Some Gas

None of us like to spend money for nothing. We never really take money and throw it in the trash. But we do when it comes to driving.

One of the best ways to save money on gas is to properly inflate your tires. An under inflated tire can wreck havoc on your mileage, and thus on your wallet.
Another way is to tune your engine. Keeping your engine tuned is good for the car and your wallet.
Remove excess weight from your car. It takes gas to carry around extra weight. We are not saying that you need to strip it down bare; just remove anything that you're been carrying around for a while that has no purpose being there.
Use cruise control when on the highway. This is better than the pressure from your foot, which makes the car speed up and slow down. That wastes gasoline.

These are just a few suggestions. See your dealer for more.
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