Tips for Planning the Safest Possible Summer Road Trip

The way to plan for that big summer road trip is by setting aside some time now long before you get on the roads for a safety check-up. Planning today for trouble that may occur on the roads is the best way to keep you and your passengers as safe as possible.
  • Be sure to bring a tire gauge and check the pressure in each tire when stopping for gas.
  • A pair of jumper cables in the trunk will ensure a dead battery does not leave you stuck on the highway for too long.
  • Bring a gas can so that you can get fuel if you are stuck on a road with an empty tank.
  • There should be plenty of flashlights in the trunk and batteries in case you are stuck in the dark.
  • Brand new wipers and filling up the washer housing with fluid will ensure you can see clearly.
Now you should have the basics covered, come over to our shop and out techs will provide your car a pre-road-trip check-up.
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