Multitask with the Ford Escape

One very important talent these days is multitasking. People that are able to multitask are able to get more done. The 2019 Ford Escape is one of the vehicles we have chosen because it helps people multitask. When you take a look at this vehicle at Wall’s Ford, you will be amazed at the thought that has been put into the features. Each feature actually has some kind of purpose behind it.

One advantage to owning a 2019 Ford Escape is the cargo capacity. It has seats that fold down so that you can carry more items.

Another neat feature of the Ford Escape is the foot-activated liftgate. You don't have to put your items down in order to open the liftgate. All you have to do is nudge with your foot and then the liftgate will open up for you to put the items in the vehicle.

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