Check Your Vehicle Before Towing

If you need to tow a boat or a trailer, there are a few safety tips that you will want to follow. You want to make sure that your trailer is up to standard, and you want to make sure that your vehicle is ready to tow.

When towing, make sure that you don't tow too much. Towing excess weight will damage your vehicle. Before towing, check the tires and tire pressure on your vehicle and on the trailer. Add air if needed. Also, you will want to check the lights on the trailer. They need to be properly connected and working to avoid accidents. Use towing mirrors if you can. They will provide a better view around the trailer.

Before you tow a trailer or boat, you may want to get a pre-towing checkup at Wall’s Ford in Salisbury, MA. Our service center can make sure that all is well with your vehicle so that you don't experience difficulties.

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