Why is a Full Gas Tank Important in the Winter?

The benefits of driving with a full tank of gas in your car far outweigh any reasons you might have for going too long between gas station visits. These are just a couple of the biggest benefits of driving the car with a tank full of gas.

The trouble with driving on icy roads is that you can break down any moment. Sliding on an icy patch into a tree, off into a snow bank, or in a ditch, could leave you stranded for a while as help is on the way. An empty gas tank means you could be stuck in a freezing car with no heat. Condensation can form inside the gas tank when it is not full of gasoline. Those moisture drops turn to ice particles in colder weather and have the potential to block our fuel line.

These are just a few simple winter safety tips to keep in mind from Wall’s Ford that'll reduce trouble on the highway.

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