Tips for Refurbishing Your Vehicle’s Headlights

If you own a vehicle for an extended length of time, the headlight coverings commonly become cloudy. However, there are a few quick tricks to remove the fog and ensure the lights work at optimal levels at night. Grab a rag, dampen it and apply toothpaste to the covering. Scrub the headlights. Rinse and dry. If toothpaste does not do the trick, then consider using insect repellent. But, you must apply the chemical to the rag to prevent ruining the vehicle's paint. Rub the dampened cloth over the lights until clean.

Resist the urge to use sandpaper or other abrasives, as these products may ruin the glass or plastic covering. Other options include commercial headlight cleaning kits available, which also make quick work of the task.

In the event that one of your headlights or tail lights stops working, bring the vehicle into the garage at Wall’s Ford to have it repaired.



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