Ford Taurus Design Features That Impress

The all-new Ford Taurus is a popular full-size sedan that is taking the automotive industry by storm with some of the design features. Here are some of those features sure to impress.

Take one look at the rear spoiler on the new Taurus and you might think it is a sleek addition to the visual appeal of this vehicle. Below the surface, however, this unique spoiler makes the vehicle aerodynamic so it can improve fuel economy, and it also helps to stabilize your vehicle as you increase speed.

The new Ford Taurus comes standard with the LED tail lamps, and they serve a number of benefits to the driver. These lights are not your conventional incandescent bulbs, these turn on faster, they burn much brighter, and consume far less energy.

Want to see the Ford Taurus design features up close? Come by Wall’s Ford and take one for a test drive today.



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