The Ford Mustang Offers Power and Technology

The Ford Mustang has long been one of the most popular sports cars in the country. The vehicle continues its well-earned reputation for power and performance. However, the latest models found in Salisbury also give potential owners a variety of technological options.

Go with the traditional sporty gauges or venture into the future with a newer space-aged design. The optional 12-inch digital cluster allows you to determine and set personal preferences in addition to monitoring engine function and fuel economy. The system automatically engages your options each time you get behind the wheel.

All stay safer in the vehicle and out thanks to the upgraded protection systems. Avoid collisions from the front, sides, and rear thanks to the onboard sensors. The high beam headlights automatically engage when the sun sets, or conditions require extra light. The braking system also ensures you slow or stop faster when necessary. Meet the new Mustangs at Wall’s Ford and go for a drive.

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