Lots of time and dozens of specifications go into finding your perfect car. You have high expectations and a laundry list of requirements, most of which come together in the Ford Fusion Hybrid. Designed with eco-friendliness in mind, this energy-efficient daily driver rewards you for being eco-conscious with little green leaves that show how much energy you save.

There are many energy-saving perks to owning a Ford Fusion Hybrid but one of the standout exterior features is the solar tinted glass. The front sides and passengers’ windows darken to match the sun’s shine to protect you and your riders from harmful UV rays and glare. Another perk is the reverse sensing system that audibly alerts you when something is directly within your reverse drive space.

Our Salisbury, MA team at Wall’s Ford realizes that a lot goes into choosing the right car for your everyday commutes and errands. So, get some hands-on experience with a test drive of one of our Ford Fusion Hybrids.

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