Efficiency and power are rarely compatible under the hood of a pickup truck. However, the innovative Ford F-150 Raptor breaks such a conventional notion. Wall’s For in Salisbury, MA insists that you explore the cutting-edge design of the EcoBoost V6 engine block, which unleashes up to 510 pound-feet of peak torque. By stopping and starting itself at traffic lights, the turbo engine conserves gas.

Whether it's on the hills or flat highways, this light-duty Ford truck can run on 10 different gear combinations. There is a special mode in the auto transmission that's tuned for towing and hauling. The EcoSelect Mode shifts the gearbox into the most efficient ratio. Additionally, the Snow-Wet Mode delivers optimum torque to wheels for improved traction in inclement weather. The Normal Mode creates an ideal gear ratio for steady cruising on highways with smooth traffic flow. If you want to pass other cars ahead with ease, let the Sport Mode work at full capacity.

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