Almost everything wears out over time, and although vehicles today are being built to last longer than ever, the hoses and belts on your vehicle will eventually wear down. You don't want to wait until these components on your car break, and there are some simple tips that we at Wall's Ford in Salisbury, MA would like to share with you so that you catch small fixes before they become costly repairs.

Your radiator hose supplies coolant to your radiator, but it can get brittle and have soft spots after many years of use. Have a mechanic regularly check your radiator hose so that coolant doesn't leak.

Your serpentine belt and timing belt are even more important, and they can fray and split. If you don't catch it in time, you might do damage to your engine. Check your owner's manual to know at what mileage your manufacturer suggests replacement, or bring it into the mechanic so that they can check.

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