Did you know that a broken ignition switch is one of the most common problems for cars not starting? Most of the time, the issue is that your key won’t turn and may get stuck in the off position. If you have difficulty turning your key in the ignition, it could also indicate issues beyond just the ignition switch. It could also be your starter.

Your ignition typically has multiple positions, which turn on the radio and your A/C. It’s the crucial mechanism to turning on your electrical system and starting your engine. If your car starts to stall or you don’t hear any noise from the starter once pushing in your key and turning it, then it’s best to take it to a professional mechanic at Wall's Ford located in Salisbury, MA.

Other warning signs include flickering dashboard lights, clicking when you try to turn your ignition to the on position, or if your car starts to stall or won’t start the engine as quickly as usual. All of these problems can be diagnosed with an inspection, and in many cases, your ignition switch is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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